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  Mahi-Mahi           Tuna                 Hog Fish      

Here at our Casuarina Point Vacation homes, we are very close to some of the best deep sea fishing grounds in Abaco. Deep Sea Fishing is seasonal. A variety of palegic fish can be caught just off shore, to include Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna. A general guide is any time between February and June. After May it is not impossible but not as likely that you will have any luck fishing for either of these species.

There are several Reef and Deep Sea Fishing Guides on Abaco. One lives in Casuarina Point and is VERY knowledgeable of fishing in our area. He actually grew up here and so has been fishing since a little boy. He is very accommodating and will even incorporate a mixed day with fishing, snorkeling and picnicking. He also offers half day and full day fishing. Randy Sawyer is also a great guide that grew up and lives in Cherokee Sound, just across the Bay. He can pick you up right at the seawall, at the house.


JR Albury-Flyfishing Guide - 242-475-1892

Marty Sawyer-Flyfishing Guide - 242-458-7301

Randy Sawyer - Flyfishing and Deep Sea Fishing Guide - 242-475-7206

Buddy Pinder-Flyfishing Guide - 561-202-8575

Justin Sands-Flyfishing Guide -

Charles Whitman Albury-Deep Sea Fishing Guide - 242-805-7387

Walker Wong - Deep Sea Fishing - Reef Fishing 242-458-7580

Grouper Fishing has an official season, regulated by the Department of Marine Resources. The closed season runs 1st December to 28th February. It is possible to fish for the Grouper March through November.

Fishing for the Bahamian Lobster is fun but it is closed from March 1st until August 1st annually.

Yellowtail Snapper is one of the best fish in the sea. We can give you information on where to find these tasty pan fish. One of our favourites for sure!

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Charles Whitman Albury with his father Junior (JR) Albury

Deep Sea Fishing in Abaco